Thriving is a subjective term. Consider the definition to be the impact and effects of an increase. An increase that slowly disseminates to the maximum amount. This capacity creates sections of adaptive matter morphing to a shape of considerable size. Reproducing and existing, its growth and creation. The collection of life that impacts an area. Persistent growth and the fluctuation of its increase. Creating a symbiotic relationship. An ecosystem that is self sustaining. Each organism alone does not have the same magnitude of the collective whole. The positive effects of the whole for the complete system. We can learn from these relationships, the mutualism that makes a thriving ecosystem.

The ease of the ecosystem occupying space unapologetically is aspirational. This personal or physical growth is one of empowerment. The ecosystem knows to survive it must take up space and grow, to further its work. This work varying, dependent on each organism but one common goal. The wellbeing of the ecosystem is the priority. Serving each other to emphasize the whole. We need not isolate ourselves but find our network of ecosystems to support each other. This is not to become uninterested in our own growth, because individual growth empowers the whole. We the thriving will consider these notions and grow into the supporting organism we desire to be.

My work is the communication of mental health within visual expression. The expression of individual experience, and the movement of the body during spiritual and cognitive fluctuation. Mental health is constantly changing in each individual, I strive to give a point of view of living with anxiety and depression. To show something beyond statistics that proves you can live with mental health issues, concerns or disorders and have a full life.

I use clay to create a dialogue between my body and my subconscious. To allow any movement to come out as I work with the clay. Ceramics is my healing for my mind, it allows me to reach past my anxiety and depression and to create a nonverbal explanation. I believe that communication goes beyond the verbal and into a deeper realm when you observe powerful expression of experience.‚ÄčThe experiences that transform your soul, and move you physically are the movements I want to capture in my work. I enjoy listening to how my body and mind are physically impacted by events, ideas and experiences holistically. The cognitive and spiritual release during my work is important to me as it allows me to understand and process things and to move in a new way.


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